Wednesday 12 September 2012

Day Eight - So Long South Africa

Check out was 11am, but we sorta ignored that as we had paid in full for the last day (trying to get a refund for it).
Internet vouchers in batches of 100MB or 500MB at the apartment.
The internet appears to be  rationed in Cape Town or at least at our apartment. 
We got up early, packed then organised a taxi to take us to the Canal Walk Shopping Mall. Taxis are not cheap here in Cape Town, when on meter the fare does rise quickly. If you know the rough amount you can agree a fare up front to make a saving.

Inside the Canal Walk Mall
The Canal Walk Mall boasts 400 stores and is meant to be the biggest in the area. The main reason for heading here was to visit the Kingsley Heath store, the African version of Abercrombie & Fitch. Turned out there are two imitations here, both with similar layouts and pumped fragrances in the air.

The food hall in the Canal Walk Mall

Leaving our Habouredge Apartment
We didn’t stay too long at the mall, got back to the apartment and checked out. We took a taxi (agreed up front on the price) to the airport for our 18:50h flight back to Dubai. We did get to the airport some 4 hours early.
Cape Town International Airport
Cape Town International airport isn’t great for wasting time, but we had fun visiting the same stores a few times over. Security is very light, we passed through their screening process rather quickly, too quick in fact, which concerned us. Perhaps it is only on European/US routes where security is taken more seriously.
Cape Town International Airport 
It’s an overnight flight to Dubai, taking over 8 hours. We arrive after 5am local time and look forward to continuing our adventure back in the safety of United Arab Emirates. Goodbye South Africa; Cape Town was a beautiful yet divided city which hopefully can move on and built itself without locals and tourists living in fear.
Reading the Cape Times at the airport

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