Friday 7 September 2012

Day Three - Heat

We've visited some hot countries before but Dubai wins hands down. It's just IMPOSSIBLE to function outdoors when the temperatures exceed 40 degrees. We found out the hard way today as we took a taxi from the hotel to the Umm Suqeim Beach in Jumeriah. This is the beach which is overlooked by the world famous 7 star Burj Al Aarb Hotel. Walking on the sands was quite unbearable in, even the water was far from cold, it was roasting.

Our next destination was the nearby Souk Madinat Jumeriah mall, less then a 1km walk, but it took us around 30 minutes to walk, having to take breaks in the bus stops along the route. It was just too hot, but thankfully the bus stops are air conditioned!

The Souk Madinat Jumeriah mall is small compared to the mega malls in the area, but it's styling and architecture makes it worth the visit. Jumping in another taxi we headed inland to the Mall of the Emirates, another mega mall complete with SkiDubai, a full sky slope which features daily snow showers and penguin shows!

Skiing in the Desert
We took it easy this evening, opting to rest by the hotels swimming pools, one of which has a glass floor dropping down 5 stories. Moon bathing is the best option, it's still warm, around 35 degrees, but no risk of getting sun burnt. Our hotel provides stunning views overlooking the skyscrapers of downtown Dubai.

Dubai Marina
For a nightcap we jumped in yet another taxi and took the 30 minute drive to the Dubai Marina, the worlds largest man made marina where ascended up to the 52 floor of the Marriott Hotel for a beer.

Dubai Marina
Cheers from the 52nd Floor
Getting back to the hotel around 1am, we settled in to watch the live celebrity big brother final direct from the UK, the internet is a great thing!

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