Friday 14 September 2012

Day Ten - Outlet Shopping

Still a tad wrecked from the relocation from Cape Town after breakfast we fell relaxed at the hotel before jumping in a cab for the Dubai Outlet Mall.

The view from our hotel room, not as impressive as the last, but the location is better.
As mentioned before, the taxi service here is first rate. Uniformed drivers, air conditioned cars and cheap. The meter starts at 3.5Dhs (70cent) and increase very little for each KM. An average journey will set you back a few euro at most. In some cases it's cheaper and quicker to take a taxi then public transport, plus you won't break out in a sweat.

You can't help to see this building as you travel around downtown Dubai
The Dubai outlet mall is best reached by taxi, en route you will pass by the the proposed and yet to start Dubailand and Universal Studio Park. Unfortunately recession hit Dubai hard in 2009 and only the entry gates were installed. Apart from that the theme parks are just desert.

Dubai Outlet Mall
The mall is admittedly not as fancy as those downtown, but it has all the brands at discounts up to 90% off. We couldn't resist the temptation and picked up a few items. Brands included Superdry, Gap, Tommy, Puma etc. As an out of towner you can receive a bonus discount card from customer service. Highly recommend the shop trip out here.

Before heading home we swung by the Dubai Mall for some Waitrose shopping then headed home. We popped down to the hotel nightclub, Zinc at 1:30am. It was packed. The music was western. People smoke and drank freely and danced around in revealing outfits in complete contrast to the Islamic morals outside.

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