Monday 17 September 2012

Day Thirteen - Wild Wadi Water Park

If there was a theme for today it would be water. Just like yesterday we spent the morning by the pool, but in the afternoon we travel to the Jameria area, our destination the Wild Wadi water park.

A cooler morning today by the pool
This is our second water park of the holiday and is the second of two in the city. It’s located along the coast right between the Jameria Beach Hotel and the Burj Al Arab. It’s an expensive day out as entry is over €40 but worth it for the unique slides inside.

One ride is in fact 12 or so connected rides. You travel around the parameter of the park in lazy river in rubber tubes and opt join any of the rides which you pass. The propell you up first rather then down, it’s extremely odd. Two other rubber tube rides require two or more people, so both of us rode them together. These where INCREIDBLE! The first passes you through funnels, around and around whilst the second spins you up over the edge of the tubes into the air. WOW. A new high trill ride, the Jumeirah Sceirah only opened this month and I decided to brave it. All I knew was it was it was a step drop and nothing else.

The Jumeriah Sceriah
Making the climb to the starting point I passed a few very nervous looking people who were talking each other into riding it. I was fast tracked to the front to discover this ride is rather unique. Unlike other slides where you sit down and push yourself forward, this one you start standing upright in a glass capsule. Speakers inside count down to your drop.
The capsule you stand in on the Jumeriah Sceriah.
Yes drop, the floor underneath opens and drops you vertically into the slide, propelling you down at speeds exceeding 80km/h. I was in bits but went through with it. It was the scariest 20 seconds of my life. I was shaking for a good ten minutes afterwards, but well worth it. WOW.
Leaving the Wild Wadi Park
We took a taxi back to the hotel, dropped and bags and ventured back to the Dubai Mall to round off the evening before hitting the hotel nightclub one more time.
A packed Zinc nightclub

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