Sunday 16 September 2012

Day Twelve - Relax Factor

We used the pool and the hotels leisure facilities to its fullest today. We had been getting into the habit of getting down for breakfast at 10am, returning to the room for a nap before heading out, but today we headed to the pool. It was glorious. The water is chilled whilst the air temperature was 42c+. The hotels pool and leisure facilites were excellent, well staff and well equiped.
The Buraj Kalifa as seen from our pool deck
After some relaxation we changed and jumped on the Dubai Metro for the Mall of the Emiriates. There we had lunch and wandered around the 1000’s of stores. We learned that french perfume chain store Spherora will give you samples of anything to take home, so we stocked up in addition to buying far too much of the local scent.

At the Mall!

Amazing spices to be bought
 Getting back to the hotel around 11pm we opted to stay in and watched prime time ITV from the UK (X Factor and Downton Abbey!!).

Streaming TV from home after midnight. XFactor there.