Saturday 8 September 2012

Day Four - Atlantis The Palm

It was our last full day in Dubai today so after quite a hectic few days we decided to take it nice and easy. It’s also my nephews 18th birthday today - Happy Birthday Ryan!

The destination was the water park adjacent to the Atlantis hotel on the Palm Jameria. A monorail connects the mainland direct to the park, but it itself isn’t yet connected to the metro or public transport, so again the taxi came to the rescue.
Heading onto the Palm via monrail
On the monorail heading to Atlantis Palm
Getting closer to the Atlantis Hotel

The monorail ride along the middle artery of the Palm was quite interesting. Dominating the end of the line was the Atlantis hotel itself, whilst along the route are millionaire mansions and apartments (some of which appeared vacant). The monorail stops along the way were closed as both the Palm Mall and Trump Tower have yet to be built. Like many parts of Dubai, they are still building it.

Map of Aquaventure
Aquaventure is the name of the water park. It features several attractions with the highlight being two slides which take you into and through a shark tunnel. We tried all the slides with the exception of the leap of faith which its just short of a vertical drop, taking just 5 seconds to bring you through a glass tunnel in the shark tank to a complete stop. Remembering this is an Islamic country; all the local ladies were covered up in their full body swimsuits. In contrast their husbands and male family friends ran around in speedos and not much else.

The Leap of Faith Slide
The park closed at sunset, just before we took in a swim in the gulf from the private beach. The water was beautifully warm but incredible salty. Salt deposits even gathered on the shoreline. You have to keep reminding yourself everything here is fake, man made on reclaimed land. Truly incredible.

Vinnie swimming in the gulf
Patrick Swimming in the gulf
It would be a shame not to squeeze in some shopping before returning back to the hotel, so we took in the Wafi Mall (not great, massive, but all up market) before returning to our favorite The Dubai Mall. Before heading back we stocked up on supplies in the UK supermarket Waitrose.
Stocking up in Waitrose
The Pork Shop inside Waitrose
The flight tomorrow to Cape Town is almost 10 hours. We set off in the morning for South Africa and we hope you can enjoy the next part of our Adventure.

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